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An accident at the facility has caused all the robots to go berserk and now you have to stop them using your cutting-edge prototype AI robot.

"The Robot You Control is a Tsundere!?" is a game where you control (or attempt to control) a robot girl that's also secretly into you! Fight through hordes of enemies in this roguelite-TDS-pixelated-action-shooter game!

Somehow, unity export has messed up certain things like shadows


faesu ( itch ) - Art

RosieJ ( itch ) - Programming

Ilushkins ( itch ) - Programming

victorabda ( itch ) - Sounds and Music

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorsMadL1me, RosieJ, Faesu, victorabda
Tags2D, Anime, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Unity


GMTK.zip 23 MB


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will someone make a haxe port of this? unity keeps crashing for me so i need to have it on haxeflixel to even start it



unity export turned tsundere

This is very nice game in my option i hope you continue this series



A bit difficult to play (obviously due to the jam theme), but kiting in this game seems to be the way I default, and then it is very difficult to save myself from a bad situation where I ended up aggroing more than one enemy without enough room to kite and I lose control when I weave.

I try to peek an edge to aggro maybe 1 or 2 enemies, and then pull back all the way into the end of the map, hoping that 6 shots hit to end at least one of the things following me to end them. I think numbers could be adjusted for the amount of damage the enemies take, or if not, a way to repair yourself in the middle of a level, because imo, even with repairs, it's gonna take time to get used to balancing when to attack, pull out, aim, and manhandle the controls from her.


Well, this was unique. A bit jarring at times with focusing on the visuals, but I still couldn't stop myself from laughing when the AI/HER got me killed, lmfao.

Welp, hope you follow this up and do something bigger with the concept. I really liked it (though it wasn't clear what that countdown represented and I basically just ignored it and tried to go with the flow of our Robot), and although I think the dialogue of our Guy can play into this concept in some rather novel ways, even just expanding the game as-is would make for something quite unique and fun.

TL;DR I'd pay for an upgrade to this. Nice idea and well done. Loved the artstyle and music the most - esp. the artstyle. Hope to see another instalment some day. :3

I'm so happy to hear that, thank you! :D

I believe the countdown was to show when you would lose control~



Awesome Game! I Really Love It! It was short but very Fun to play! I like the art style and character specially HER it's very Cool! But what I mostly Love About in this game is Her Tsundere! I Like how she can control her body and messed me up, I mean it's like I'm playing Insane Mode Difficulty Already rather than a Easy Mode or Normal. Over all 10/10 I Love it! I have to ask, is there going to be a chance for you guys to make something like this again?

I Hope You Won't Mind If I Share My Gameplay on My YouTube Channel, I would Like to Share it to My Friends and to Others!

Thank You For The Game!

Keep Up The Good Work! XD


I'm just the artist but thank you! 

I'm totally down to make something similar(or a sequel) in the future if there's a demand and my teammates want to do it too👍


Thank you, glad you enjoyed our game! ^^